Robert … , MBA, FCMI, RISC

Security Protection Specialist

Robert is internationally recognised as a senior counter-terrorist expert. One of the most experienced security protection specialists coordinators in the world. As a former Metropolitan Police Special Branch Security Commander, he held the national responsibility for safeguarding UK public figures.

He began his counter-terrorist career in Special Branch and Security Service (MI5). Where he identified, intercepted and disrupted IRA terrorist activity across the UK. Applying sharp-end knowledge of terrorist groups to design strategies to secure public figures, families, residences, events, and the built environment.

He now delivers these services to support corporate figureheads and executives where they face threats due to their position or role. Whether it is personal, physical, event or cyber security, each safety strategy provides maximum resilience with minimum intrusion and styled purposely to reflect corporate aesthetics and HNW lifestyles. 

Bob was a member of government crisis response committees (COBR), where he advised the National Security Advisor, and Government Ministers on safety. His personal testimonials include Prime Ministers and global industrialists. He has secured over 2000 Heads of Government, Heads of State and Secretaries of State, and has delivered over 400 principals safely into high-risk environments and war zones. Moreover, he has thwarted 3 assassination plots on UK public figures, including 2 by state-sponsored actors and continues to advise the UK Government on personal safety policy. He was appointed Olympic Games Security Director three times.

Gary …. MSc

Security Protection Specialist

Gary is a former Metropolitan Police Special Branch Officer serving for 26 years. Prior to this he served in the British Army for 5 years. Gary has an extensive close protection, surveillance, and intelligence background.

He has protected British Prime Ministers, Senior Cabinet Ministers and numerous visiting Heads of State and Foreign Ministers to the U.K. He has deployed to several hostile environments, including Afghanistan and Iraq to protect Senior British Government officials. Working as both accompanying and advance officer, he has managed, planned and coordinated both individual and high-profile public events both within the UK and across the world.

Since leaving the service, Gary has protected a High Net Worth individual in both the USA and the UK. He has provided Executive Protection to various corporate clients and visiting foreign royalty within the U.K. Gary has a wealth of experience and knowledge, this gives him a clear understanding and insight. Into the issues and requirements of managing the protection and safety of individuals from the world of business and the private sector.

An Instructor on the National Bodyguard Course, he has a Foundation degree in Protective Security Management. A master’s in Leadership and Management from Buckinghamshire University. A PTTL’s Teaching Qualification and a HABC Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training (QCF).

Steve ….

Security Protection Specialist

Steve is a highly experienced security protection specialist with 35 years proven track record conducting sensitive investigations, intelligence analysis and dissemination, physical and close protection. Retired from the Royalty and Specialist Protection department of the Metropolitan Police. As one of the Prime Ministers Personal Protection Officers, based at Downing Street.

Steve has many years of expertise in the planning, preparation and execution of hazardous environment. Protection deployments to high risk, low infrastructure countries, from the deployments inception at Cabinet level. To the ultimate extraction of teams back to the UK at the conclusion of operations.

In his 20 years with the Metropolitan Police SO14 Royalty Protection, Special Branch, Special Operations 1, and the Royalty and Specialist Protection Department. He administered close protection to UK ministerial, and royal principals in the UK and overseas.

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