Kate Waters graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Accounting. This was Immediately proceeded with a scholarship to a master’s degree in Business and Management, which she completed in 2011.

During her academic career, Kate Waters specialised in the psychology of marketing and in particular customer-focused studies.  Both her undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations focused on how brands develop authentic connections with an audience, one focused on a developing trend of unfiltered beauty campaigns within the cosmetic industry and the latter studying the consumer real time responses within the highly immersive experience of a flagship store.

Following her studies, Kate followed her passion for marketing and consumers to the UK travel and tourism industry; working alongside the UK’s leading tourist attractions and tourist information centres. Kate worked on campaign management, print fulfilment, and digital products for clients’ annual launches. As well as supporting the business development of the media agency, through designing and producing email campaigns, presentations, and sales collateral.

Kate joined the company, undertaking all aspects of marketing for the Securitatem Group. Kate has cemented clear brand identities for each company in line with its specific client portfolio. She continues to support the bespoke service our clients experience.

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