International Policing Consultant

Paul Morrison has been a senior police leader during a time of unprecedented change in the UK and The British Overseas Territory policing in Anguilla with a proven record for delivery of service and performance over 37 years.

Paul Morrison has consistently demonstrated high-level emergency management, operational, and media handling expertise during crises. With exceptional problem-solving skills and recognized contributor to national initiatives on operational policing both in the UK and Anguilla.

He started his policing career with Kent police serving as a detective in divisional policing. Then on the County Drug Squad. Promoted to sergeant on division he quickly moved onto Tactical Support and firearms. His skills at setting up and managing the security for the Home Secretary saw him work for the Home Office on the VIP and Royalty working group. Where he wrote the first manual for the provision of measures at A list sites in the UK.

Promoted to Chief Inspector saw a transfer to Sussex police.  Returning to detective work as Force SIO he took command of cold case review of a historic rape case, building on new DNA developments he linked the case to another in Kent and then co-ordinated a joint response to rebuild the case files and manage victims whose lives had moved on significantly in the intervening period.

As a Superintendent he oversaw Road Policing. Using his detective background, he linked road policing to crime reduction and detection. As well as reducing those killed or seriously injured on the roads. His intelligent led approach earned him the Police Federation award.

In 2007 he completed his MBA, at Portsmouth University, passing with distinction as part of his personal development plan. Recognising that modern senior police leadership was akin to running any large business.

Promoted to Chef Superintendent Operations he oversaw the collaboration with Surrey police of all specialist capabilities. Such as Firearms, Air Support, Emergency Planning, Roads Policing, Firearms licensing, Dogs, and Public Order policing. The portfolio was completed reaching the savings targets required. His work earned several commendations from both Chief Constables. Notably, just after collaboration he took command of the Surrey Resilience Forum response to the National emergency of the Thames flooding, this involved coordinating 38 agencies, daily meetings with COBRA, and working across both Forces to deliver an effective poling response.

Retiring in 2015 with the QPM for services to UK policing, he turned his attention to the role of Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force. This was effectively the first overseas Commissioner for the Force and was to address the rise in gun crime and violence. Within the five years he had re-designed the RAPF, professionalising and increasing the detective capabilities. Supported by tighter intelligence management, forensics and firearms support. Addressing challenges in ECHR and custody provisions, he worked across the public sector to improve child safeguarding, domestic violence response, witness protection. 

During his time in the role, Paul initiated open and transparent promotion processes and championed staff development. Introducing the Police Standards unit to address poor performance, and corruption and drive-up standards for the benefit of the public. In 2017 his UK experience helped the RAPF prepare and respond after hurricane Irma (CAT 5) devastated the Country so that Anguilla did not suffer looting or serious disorder post-event. In 2019 he ran as director of training the first Anguilla police training school at the same time he was the Commander for national security during COVID 19. This meant working with Customs and Immigration to take command of assets to deliver a safe and secure Anguilla.

His experience in rebuilding the RAPF gave him unique experiences in working across cultural boundaries. Making use of limited resources to maximise their effectiveness in fighting crime and reassuring the public. For his services he was awarded the OBE.

Paul provides invaluable expertise to Securitatem Consultancy on our international security services.

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