Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unrivalled security services and tradecraft worldwide. Our ethos and culture are to deliver the highest of public service standards and values tailored to private sector clients.

Our Story

The Securitatem Group is an organisation focused on delivering exceptional, reliable safety solutions, both nationally and internationally across four individual companies.

With over 300 years of collective experience, the Securitatem Group strives to establish high standards in security and customer service.

The Securitatem Group comprises of four organisations: Securitatem Installations, Securitatem Consultancy, Securitatem Operations and Securitatem Training. Each combining contemporary industry knowledge to offer supreme service, with the highest levels of proficiency. 

The Securitatem Group Testimonials

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We actively support numerous organisations, making a positive difference gives us great pleasure.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

Winston Churchill

The Securitatem Group Companies

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