Trademark Announcement

We are delighted to announce we have obtained the trademarks for Securitatem Group, Securitatem Consultancy, Securitatem Installations, Securitatem Operations and Securitatem Training. As well as our company logo and slogan ‘Per Salutem Securitatem’.   

Months of meticulous and dedicated work has brought this all together. From our inception, we have continued to hold true to our core values, delivering the highest standards of global security to meet the individual needs of our clients. We are proud to continue to offer our clients bespoke services and expert knowledge.   

Operating across the worldwide stage has brought many opportunities and rapid growth, which has introduced a fundamental need for a scaled business infrastructure.   

We take great pride in what we deliver as an elite security provider and selecting our suppliers for their skill and experience plays a crucial part in being able to deliver our bespoke service as well as contributing to the way we continue to grow as an organisation.   

We extend sincere gratitude to our lawyers, Proelium Law LLP, who showed true expertise, dedication, and diligence throughout the entire Trademark process.   

Proelium Law are specialist in legal advice, investigations and consultancy services, experienced operating across the world in multiple overseas jurisdictions, including high-risk or complex jurisdictions, as well as the UK.   

Notably Proelium Law hold extensive experience working both in and with commercial organisations, governments, security and investigations industries, specialist defence sector and digital, cyber and data focused companies.   

As our legal representatives, we value their conscientious professionalism in dealing with all our legal matters and we highly recommend the whole team for their personable service and expertise. 

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