Solar panels Installed

This week saw the installation of solar panels at our head office. Making a significant step forward for our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

The switch to solar power over traditional electricity aims to switch all of the group’s admin, office-based, and managerial staff to off-grid. The panels are projected to outperform our in-house demands during the summer months. We plan to return this surplus renewable resource back to the grid to be utilised by other businesses and households.

solar panels

In total, we had the capacity to install 20 panels across our roof, primed to absorb the sunshine seen in the beautiful Kent countryside. The work was carried out by the fantastic team at VoltPV and coordinated by our group business director Nanette Moulton. Nanette continues to spearhead our ESG strategies. Which includes the introduction of a cycle-to-work scheme, private healthcare, companywide benefit schemes and established us as a living wage employer.

We look not to the quick green fixes but to installing strategies with true longevity that will benefit the environment for generations to come.

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