Securitatem Group – Meet The Team

The team is made up of specially selected professionals at the top of their fields.

Joseph McGee Msyl MinstLM MISRM MCMI

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished executive leader combining successful private sector and extensive law enforcement careers. Serving with Kent Police and then the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) before going on to establish the Securitatem Group.

Specialising in Police use of Firearms and Firearms Operations, as a Specialist Firearms Officer Joseph was a team member for Hostage Release, Organised Crime and Terrorist related firearms operations.

Skilled in multiple disciplines he protected UK government cabinet ministers including the Home Secretary, ex-Northern Ireland Secretary, and countless Foreign Secretaries over a 6-year period, acquiring subject matter expertise in venue and Close Protection.

Additionally, a National Firearms Instructor specialising in Advanced Breaching and Police use of Pyrotechnics, a very experienced Tactical Advisor supporting all levels of firearms command and control.

Headhunted to join SOCA as a National Firearms Instructor and National Tactical Advisor Joseph specialised in teaching the carriage and use of firearms in hostile environments.

On behalf of the Agency regularly deploying to those countries to undertake strategic risk and threat assessments, assessing country risk, designing training requirements and then teaching Agency staff in country. Deployments included Afghanistan, Colombia, Trinidad and other countries with hostile or sensitive environments.

An armed surveillance operative Joseph had national responsibilities to deploy throughout England and Wales for armed operations. A Tactical Advisor for the Agency during the 2012 London Olympics he was also responsible for the training of all Armed Method of Entry officers.

Upon leaving the Agency, Joseph founded Securitatem Consultancy which specialises in global protection of individuals and high value commodities. In 2019 Joseph lead the team into The Securitatem Group: a group of very specialised companies within the security industry delivering high end bespoke solutions for the private client.

Joseph has continued to be recognised for his contributions to the UK’S security industry, receiving the freedom to the city of London in 2020. An honour bestowed on those who have achieved the highest success in their chosen field. Joseph was admitted as a Liveryman to the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals in 2022, the highest level of membership within the Worshipful Company.

Joe is also a proud member of:

  • The Security Institute
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management
  • The Institute of Strategic Risk Management
  • The Chartered Management Institute
  • The Royal United Services Institute

Trevor Pearce CBE QPM

Chair of Board Advisors

Trevor has spent 40 years in law enforcement and is a former Director General of both the UKs National Crime Squad and Serious Organised Crime Agency. He started his career with the Kent County Constabulary, specialising in criminal investigations, intelligence, and the management of serious crime.

Joining the National Crime Squad as a Detective Superintendent he progressed through a variety of senior roles to ultimately lead both National Crime Squad and the Serious Organised Crime Agency latterly transitioning to the National Crime Agency on its creation.

In these roles he held national responsibilities around covert law enforcement techniques, led policy in respect of serious and organised crime, oversaw complex international investigations, and maintained command roles in firearms and threat to life situations. He also provided advice to UK government ministers and overseas governments and agencies around the response to organised crime.

Since concluding his law enforcement career, Trevor has focused on regulatory roles and risk management in the public sector and is a Charity Trustee.

Trevor brings significant experience of running large complex organisations, dealing with international serious and organised crime, and investigation and intelligence practices including those around anti-money laundering, integrity, and anti-corruption.

Trevor supports the Securitatem Group as Chair of its Board Advisers and was awarded the Queens Police Medal in 2006.

In 2014 Trevor was made a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Nanette Moulton MinstLM

Group Business Director 

Nanette commenced her career in customer service and debt collection for a major National Infrastructure company progressing into business administration roles in adult social care. Committed to continuous professional development Nanette has various qualifications, culminating in a Level 5 diploma in business management and she was responsible for the provision, guidance, and support of business management processes for 39 care homes across the south of England.

In 2016, Nanette took the opportunity to join the Securitatem Group at its inception and provides business support, HR support, and governance to all commercial activities. Nanette is a certified member of the Institute of Leadership & Management. Nanette led the development of the Group’s operational systems and the acquisition and continuance of the ISO9001 and NSI Gold accreditation and is a valued member of the Group’s Senior Management team.

Suzanne Constable

Head Of Compliance

Corporate governance specialist, with expertise and qualification in strategic planning and change, as well as an award-winning auditor, with a focus on risk management and mitigation to enable efficiency and growth.

Prior to joining the Securitatem Group, Suzanne spent two years transforming Anti-Doping in the UK through the introduction of performance management and activity analysis. Recruited to lead on designing, building, and implementing a bespoke approach to both a multi-layered transformation and business-as-usual change. Suzanne was instrumental in developing UKAD’s new Strategic Plan and successful grant in aid bid.

Suzanne led transformations within National Crime Agency (circa 5,000 staff) for six years embedding a new organisation-wide operating model, At the National Crime Agency (and its precursor Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)).

Suzanne has operated as a certified management consultant and advisor to many boards, both public and private, including working on Sussex Police’s cultural switch from ensuring compliance to pursuing excellence and leading SOCA’s Internal Audit function, working with the NAO, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate, and the Home Office to ensure legislative compliance, the efficient use of public funds, and protecting the Agency from irregularity, corruption, and reputational damage.

Suzanne has a diploma in Consultancy (AIBC) from the Institute of Business Consultancy, a Diploma in Internal Audit (PIIA) from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, an Institute of Management Certificate (MCMI) from Brighton University, and a Government Internal Audit Certificate (GIAC) – Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Lee Miles

Director of Strategy and Outreach

A former senior law enforcement officer with 38 years’ experience tackling global, serious, complex and organised crime, working across operational, strategic and command levels, extensive experience of leading and managing investigations, operational security, strategic and organisational risk with command experience of managing large multi-disciplined teams. While starting his career with the Kent County Constabulary he specialised in investigative roles including periods of teaching criminal law and specialist investigative skills at both Regional Detective Training Centre and the Police Staff College Bramshill.

Spending most of his career proactively tackling national and transnational serious and organised crime while seconded to the UKs South East Regional Crime Squad (SERCs), National Crime Squad (NCS) latterly joining the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and finally the National Crime Agency (NCA). He has led various teams including the NCS and SOCA’s firearms capability, SOCAs e-Crime Department and subsequently the National Cyber Crime Unit. Ultimately the Head of Business for Specialist Crime Investigations, supporting the Executive lead of the NCAs nationally significant investigations.

Lee joined Securitatem Consultancy in 2018 and promotes good governance across all relevant areas of the business and projects, while representing the company at appropriate meetings as an executive decision maker. Lee collaborates with key stakeholders to really understand the issues and problems presented designing bespoke plans to deliver holistic, relevant, and proportionate security solutions. Lee is a valued member of the senior management team.

Roscoe Walford

Director of Operations

Roscoe started his public service career in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, starting at HMP Brixton and then HMP Belmarsh managing the security of high-profile and dangerous prisoners. From the Prison Service he joined Kent Police and finished as a senior police officer after a collective 30 years of experience.

Roscoe has an accredited history of managing significant sized departments and commands, from the Roads Policing Unit, Serious Crash Investigation Team, investigating death and serious injury, to being responsible for the delivery of all policing and community safety for large geographical areas, developing strong partnerships with the Local Authorities, with whom they shared coterminous boundaries.

He was a highly experienced Critical Incident Commander dealing with both internal and external incidents that ensured that the Police response was carefully managed as there was a potential for a significant impact on the victim(s), victim’s family, the community, or unprecedented and negative attention from the media. 

As a full-time Firearms Commander Roscoe commanded hundreds of spontaneous and pre-planned firearms operations. His role included training with other Police Forces and agencies, including with some businesses who manage Kent’s critical infrastructure.

As a Post Incident Manager Roscoe helped manage the post incident procedures from Police shootings to significant injury or death where operational Police Officers had been involved in their dealings with the public.

He also spent many years as a National Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, successfully negotiating extremely vulnerable people to safety or dangerous people involved in criminal acts to arrest.

Roscoe also worked on regional and national programmes, such as the Video Enabled Justice Programme and subsequently the Police and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure that Criminal Justice System was able to adapt and function. He was part of the national working group regularly briefing Chief Officers as the pandemic took hold.

Roscoe joined Securitatem Consultancy as the Director of Operations in December 2020 bringing a multitude of skills from the translation of strategy to operational delivery and project management, to the management of human resources and partnerships.

Adam Rust CTSP

Director of Installations

Adam started his career in the IT sector, where he built his knowledge and expertise early on. He was sought out and persuaded to specialise in security to carry out installations and maintenance of systems, Adam worked on sensitive government contracts and ultimately decided to start his own business focussed on the provision, installation and maintenance of specialist security services and products for government organisations nationally. A certified member of the prestigious register of Technical Security Professionals, demonstrating his outstanding level of qualification and experience.

In 2019, Adam joined Securitatem Installations part of the Securitatem Group. As the Director of installations, Adam is accountable for the provision of leadership, management, and installation delivery across several sectors. Adam ensures smooth execution against business plans, whilst taking accountability for compliance with legal, commercial, and financial provision to deliver outcomes in accordance with the companies NSI Gold commitments.

Gary Kibbey BSc (Hons)

Senior Security Consultant

Gary is a former senior law enforcement officer with over 30 years’ experience of tackling global threats from serious and organised crime. He has served within New Scotland Yard’s International and Organised Crime and Criminal Intelligence Branch’s as a London Metropolitan Police detective. He led London’s transformational policing project on criminal intelligence management and was co-author of the UK’s National Intelligence Model.

He was Head of Intelligence for the UK’s National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and a key contributor to the design and delivery of the UK National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) and Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) e-Crime Unit in which he served as a Senior Manager. There he gained 12 years policy, strategic and operational experience at the forefront of law enforcement’s global response to cyber-crime.

Until his retirement from policing in 2016 for over a decade he held the UK’s law enforcement lead for maintaining the national intelligence threat picture for cyber-crime and more recently online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA), shaping national threat strategies within the National Crime Agency (NCA). Gary has extensive experience in the assessment of criminal threats and the development and handling of intelligence sources. 

Gary was a nationally trained hostage negotiator and regularly advised on behalf of the NCA and SOCA on the criminal exploitation of technology particular for online extortion.

Robert … , MBA, FCMI, RISC

Security Protection Specialist

Robert is internationally recognised as a senior counter-terrorist expert and one of the most experienced protection coordinators in the world. As a former Metropolitan Police Special Branch Security Commander, he held the national responsibility for safeguarding UK public figures.

He began his counter-terrorist career in Special Branch and Security Service (MI5) where he identified, intercepted and disrupted IRA terrorist activity across the UK. He applied sharp-end knowledge of terrorist groups to design strategies to secure public figures, families, residences, events, and the built environment.

He now delivers these services to support corporate figureheads and executives where they face threats due to their position or role. Whether it is personal, physical, event or cyber security, each safety strategy provides maximum resilience with minimum intrusion and styled purposely to reflect corporate aesthetics and HNW lifestyles. 

Bob was a member of government crisis response committees (COBR), where he advised the National Security Advisor, and Government Ministers on safety. His personal testimonials include Prime Ministers and global industrialists. He has secured over 2000 Heads of Government, Heads of State and Secretaries of State, and has delivered over 400 principals safely into high-risk environments and war zones. Moreover, he has thwarted 3 assassination plots on UK public figures, including 2 by state-sponsored actors and continues to advise the UK Government on personal safety policy. He was appointed Olympic Games Security Director three times.

Gary …. MSc

Security Protection Specialist

Gary is a former Metropolitan Police Special Branch Officer serving for 26 years. Prior to this he served in the British Army for 5 years. Gary has an extensive close protection, surveillance, and intelligence background.

He has protected British Prime Ministers, Senior Cabinet Ministers and numerous visiting Heads of State and Foreign Ministers to the U.K. He has deployed to several hostile environments, including Afghanistan and Iraq to protect Senior British Government officials. Working as both accompanying and advance officer, he has managed, planned and coordinated both individual and high-profile public events both within the UK and across the world.

Since leaving the service, Gary has protected a High Net Worth individual in both the USA and the UK. He has provided Executive Protection to various corporate clients and visiting foreign royalty within the U.K. Gary has a wealth of experience and knowledge, this gives him a clear understanding and insight into the issues and requirements of managing the protection and safety of individuals from the world of business and the private sector.

An Instructor on the National Bodyguard Course, he has a Foundation degree in Protective Security Management and a master’s in Leadership and Management from Buckinghamshire University, a PTTL’s Teaching Qualification and a HABC Level 3 Award in the Delivery of Conflict Management Training (QCF).

Steve ….

Security Protection Specialist

Steve is a highly experienced security protection specialist with 35 years proven track record conducting sensitive investigations, intelligence analysis and dissemination, physical and close protection. Retired from the Royalty and Specialist Protection department of the Metropolitan Police, as one of the Prime Ministers Personal Protection Officers, based at Downing Street.

Steve has many years of expertise in the planning, preparation and execution of hazardous environment protection deployments to high risk, low infrastructure countries, from the deployments inception at Cabinet level to the ultimate extraction of teams back to the UK at the conclusion of operations.

In his 20 years with the Metropolitan Police SO14 Royalty Protection, Special Branch, Special Operations 1, and the Royalty and Specialist Protection Department, he administered close protection to UK ministerial, and royal principals in the UK and overseas.

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