Director of Operations

Roscoe has an accredited history of managing significant sized departments and commands, from the Roads Policing Unit, Serious Crash Investigation Team, investigating death and serious injury.

Roscoe Walford started his public service career in Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Starting at HMP Brixton and then HMP Belmarsh. Managing the security of high-profile and dangerous prisoners. From the Prison Service he joined Kent Police and finished as a senior police officer after a collective 30 years of experience.

Roscoe commanded the Roads Policing Unit and Serious Crash Investigation Team. Responsible for the delivery of all policing and community safety for large geographical areas. Developing strong partnerships with the Local Authorities, with whom they shared coterminous boundaries.

He was a highly experienced Critical Incident Commander dealing with both internal and external incidents. Ensuring that the Police response was carefully managed as there was a potential for a significant impact on the victim(s), victim’s family, the community, or unprecedented and negative attention from the media. 

As a full-time Firearms Commander Roscoe commanded hundreds of spontaneous and pre-planned firearms operations. His role included training with other Police Forces and agencies, including with some businesses who manage Kent’s critical infrastructure.

As a Post Incident Manager Roscoe helped manage the post incident procedures from Police shootings to significant injury or death. Where operational Police Officers had been involved in their dealings with the public.

He also spent many years as a National Hostage and Crisis Negotiator, successfully negotiating extremely vulnerable people to safety or dangerous people involved in criminal acts to arrest.

Roscoe also worked on regional and national programmes, such as the Video Enabled Justice Programme and subsequently the Police and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service (HMCTS) response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure that Criminal Justice System was able to adapt and function. He was part of the national working group regularly briefing Chief Officers as the pandemic took hold.

Roscoe joined Securitatem Consultancy as the Director of Operations in December 2020 bringing a multitude of skills. From the translation of strategy to operational delivery and project management, to the management of human resources and partnerships.

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